Bootstrapping LivingOnCodes


IT industry in Bangladesh is going through a lot of positive changes in recent years. Along with the government initiatives declaring it a thrust sector – several private software firms are doing good and some are doing exemplary well. We know that we learn from our failures – but there is also a lot to learn form the success stories too — the small battles that these successful IT companies have won and still winning and taking the industry to the next level. As much as I’ve always wanted, but I never could find a medium through which I can approach the tech leads in our IT market and learn from their experiences. I know that there are awesome teams, tech leads, fanatic geeks who are consistently being successful in their private endeavours but what I miss here in our industry is there isn’t any initiative from us – the developers – to learn from each other and collaborate.

That’s why I’ve taken this initiative which I’m calling “Bootstrapping LivingOnCodes” where I want to hear other tech leads’ idea about how we can collaborate together and create a vibrant developers community here in Bangladesh so that we can initiate a community platform where new aspiring minds will find software development apprenticeship, the moderately experienced ones will find leaders to follow and reach their fullest potential as a developer, and the experts can contribute by showcasing their work not only to the local community but also to the world outside so that other global communities get overall idea about what we are working on, our expertise as a community, and our quality of work.

I am really lucky that I’m able to approach some of the tech leads of our industry and initiate the brainstorming session with them discussing what we can do about it. We are leaving all the bags and baggages behind and showing up with an open mind with the willingness to start learning from each other and joining hands together to bootstrap a vibrant developers community in Bangladesh which not only is “living on codes” but also “leading with codes” and opening doors for the future talents so that they can choose the right path and develop themselves as one of the top software developers in current technology world.

So far I’ve got participation confirmation from tech leads of Therap, Genweb2, NewsCred, Widespace, M&H Infomatics, Right Brain Solution, Vizrt, Monico, TigerIT, Vantage (myself), Leevio, Dimik Computing School, Brain Station 23, Cefalo, Selise and few others. I am really looking forward to meeting them tomorrow and hope that together we can achieve more and get something exciting going for our development community which in turn will benefit all of us by allowing the talents to become their very best through our collective effort and guidance.