My favorite affirmation


I’m a true believer of affirmations and during my runs, meditations, and work breaks I come back to my own affirmation set and just go through them as I recollect myself. I’m sharing one of my most favorite one, may be it can help someone out there to get their productivity rolling.

“I know that if I want to be successful at anything, I need to want success for it as much as I want to breath. When I want something as much as I want to breath – nobody can stop me from being successful. The problem with most of us is we don’t want success as much as we want to breath – we just kind of want it. Each day, I’m internalizing this universal fact and making myself better to be laser focused on my next top priority task, and get it done as if my life depends on it.”

Each day start your day with this affirmation and tackle the most difficult task first thing in the morning – you will surely see enormous positive outcome if you can make it a regular habit.