Moving On to New Challenges

It was not an easy decision – specially when you spend a major part of your life building a company, when your boss becomes not only your friend but also your life mentor, and when you realize that you have a brotherly bond with your colleagues which you never really planned for. But it had to happen one day, and for me that day starts from July 1st, 2015. After devoting 7+ years of my life to Vantage Labs, I’m finally moving on and joining a promising Silicon Valley based startup from next month. As they say, “A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor”, I’m ready to take up next set of challenges in my career with this startup I’m joining. One of their top goal is to create a cross functional development team based in Bangladesh, who will support their core products, including developing mobile apps for their platform. They are aggressively looking for php hackers, Android/iOS developers, UX developers, and testers who will join hands to form this cross functional team. Salary should not be a concern for a deserving candidate who is smart, gets things done, and an inspiration to work with.

So if you are a php hacker in your blood or a seasoned Android/iOS developer or an experienced UX artisan or enjoy bug stew for your dinner, and you want to be in the team of first few hires of a Silicon Valley based promising startup, feel free to knock me in my inbox. I’m really excited that they put their confidence on the developer eco system of Bangladesh, and I’m confident that with the right team, we will not only be able to meet their expectations, but also exceed at it so that we can proudly say – we have a team of great developers who can crack a problems like any other hyper productive team – anywhere in the world.

Feeling excited already? I’m just a message away. You can also email me at

tl;dr: Leaving Vantage after 7+ years. Joining a Silicon Valley based promising startup. Looking for developers (php/Android/iOS/UX) who want to join the journey with me.